A deep-dive into the World of Cloud Computing

Emergence and major advantages that cloud computing provides to its users

Ever since the invention of computers, there have been various ways of computing like parallel computing, cognitive computing, cluster computing, and so on.

 Computing can simply be explained as designing and building hardware and software for various purposes such as processing and managing all sorts of information.

 Today the most accepted computing method is cloud computing. Cloud computing is an on-demand service that gives access to computing resources like data storage, development tools, analytics, servers, and applications on the Internet. It is mainly designed using parallel and distributed computing.

 There are many reasons why this method of computing is chosen over others. Some of them being its cost efficiency, protection from data loss, serverless computing, and many more.

Using this technology, the user pays only for the services he uses, which helps in lowering the operating costs, running the infrastructure more efficiently, and scaling up as the business needs change.

Major Benefits of Using Cloud Computing 

Some of the core reasons why organizations turn to cloud computing from their traditional computing methods can be stated as follows: 

  • Deploy Globally
  • This is one of the biggest advantages of cloud computing. With just a few clicks one can deploy their applications in multiple physical locations. This in turn results in better user experience. 
  • Cost Effective 

The user pays only for the services that he uses so a lot of cost is saved. Additional services can be added or removed as and when needed. 

  • Increased Productivity 

A wide range of technologies are provided by the service providers which help in ditching the traditional tasks such as hardware setup, and software patching. So, the team can focus on achieving crucial business goals. 

  • Secure

Cloud providers offer security with their various policies which protect the data, applications, and whole infrastructure from any possible threats. 

  • Reliable

With data backup services it also gives data recovery service which makes it very reliable and quick for big businesses.  

Various companies around the globe provide cloud services. Some of the most used are AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. 

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